About Studio Tropical

Launched in 2016, Studio tropical wants to represent an ideal world ruled by sunny places, tropical jungles, graphics and designs. It is an independent design studio working with clients all around the world.

Project management, art direction, graphic & web design and web development are our fields of competences.

Everything is possible when you put your mind to it.

The range of clients working with us operates in all kind of fields. Listening to their communication needs is what we do, and, we will always find the right angle to best meet their requirements.

Aurelia - art director / graphic and web designer / web developer - is the eclectic creative mind behind Studio Tropical.

Wanderer and dreamer, she started as graphic designer and art director in a few advertising agencies, and as life continued, she worked in different and various companies in France and Italy. She is still pursuing her dreams, and creating new ones.